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Moving Claims is an administrator consulting firm providing damage and loss claim processing along with customer support services for Household Goods Carriers. Our team of professionals combined have more than 22 years of experience in the moving industry. Our expertise extends to literally every aspect of the business, from managing major moving companies to providing consulting and services in claims processing. Moving Claims - Moving Companies Help - Movers Help - Moving Damage Claims - Arb

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wrote 1 week ago
USA, Trenton, 1 review

This company is an absolute nightmare, and I couldn't be more furious with the outcome of my experience. My move turned into a disaster as I had items stolen and damaged. Despite their so-called commitment to being 'on my side,' they brushed off my claim and left with a settlement offer that didn't even begin to cover my losses.

I went above and beyond, submitting every piece of evidence they could possibly need - detailed descriptions, manufacturer weights, and photos of the damages. And what did I get in return? They offered me chump change, way less than the 60 cents per pound they're supposed to cover.

They had the audacity to toss in an extra $50 "to maintain their high level of customer satisfaction," but it was a pathetic attempt to hush me up. Multiple times they refused to take another look at the items I submitted documenting my losses, that I spent hours preparing. My total settlement offer was an insult - nowhere near what I deserved for the stuff that got trashed, stolen, or overcharged by the associated moving company.

To add insult to injury, they basically held my ability to leave reviews hostage. If I accepted their disgraceful settlement, I couldn't leave a single word of truth about this nightmare.

I urge you, and anyone else, to steer clear of any company associated with Moving Claims Services. If they dare to 'accept your claim,' DON'T LET THEM HANDLE IT. Insist on dealing with a different company for your claim because this one is an absolute disgrace!

To Moving Services, my claim is C395227. If you'd like to re-evaluate and do the right thing, feel free to do so and send me a new offer letter.

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Valentin Schmid
(1 of 5 points)
wrote 10 months ago
USA, Miramar, 1 review

As you can see from consistently negative reviews and no replies from the business, those people just don't care.

My advice to you if you are trying to file a claim with them: Don't even bother, you have already lost your money, don't waste your time.

I did try to submit a claim a few times, got confirmation emails only to then find out after a few months that they never received the claim. Tried to submit via email, online, never got an actual person to confirm the receipt, so I gave up.

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Wanica Townsend
(1 of 5 points)
wrote 1 year ago
1 review

Moving is absolutely a DEPLORABLE company. I have been unsuccessful in submitting my claim 3 times! First , I scanned all documents required by them and they claimed that they never received it! Secondly, I copied all necessary documents and mailed them to the P.O. Box address given to Florida! They claim once again that they never received it! Thirdly, I went to the Post Office and was able to pay an additional fee for the verification of delivery! These f*fucking idiots , after I emailed them the Postal tracking information showing the date and time it was delivered, STILL
STATED THAT THEY NEVER RECIEVED IT. I have contacted Consumers, Fraud and a host of other legal commissioners! When you call the phone numbers listed, no one answers and no one returns your calls! Please do not use S&M MOVERS OR THIS COMPANY!

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Heather W
(1 of 5 points)
wrote 1 year ago
1 review is a deplorable company.

They are set up to ensure the customer does not file a claim.


1. Submit photos to prove you have a claim
2. Recieve email confirming the movers acknowledge damaging your property
3. Submit claim through website:

Did you submit photos-no the link says optional-rejected start over

Can't figure out how to change photo names on your phone, ask for help- start over

Is each photo labeled -no- start over

System only allowing 1 image upload-start over

4. File a complaint - sent the same pre-generated message for instructions on how to start over

No call, no reply specific to the question asked

I have moved 15 times in the past 24 years and this has been the worst claims process ever.

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Charles Leggett
(1 of 5 points)
wrote 1 year ago
1 review is not an ethical nor trustworthy business, if, in fact, it is a legitimate business at all. They make outrageous demands for the submission of a claims package, which is nearly impossible to complete online. I attempted the online process three separate times and all three had a "technical" error occur during the submission. My list of damaged and missing items alone was four pages long. Based on their recommendation, the moving company, Spartan Moving Plus, LLC, out of Frisco, TX, offered a $101 settlement for well over $5000 in damaged and missing items. When I disputed the offer and requested a review - as I was clearly allowed to do according to their own procedures - terminated their relationship with my carrier and told me to start the process all over directly with the carrier. This claim was initiated in October 2021 and just reached an offer of settlement two days ago (April 19, 2022). This company is an absolute joke and treats the claimants with condescension, arrogance, and rudeness. Prepare for disappointment and pain if your carrier refers you to this company. If I could have rated them honestly, they would have negative five stars.

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Eduardo Bermudez
(1 of 5 points)
wrote 1 year ago
USA, La Verne, 1 review

DOn't expect any fair treatment from this company The moving claim goes to some really bogus site that isn't even an insurance company. It is called The broker said we were insured up to $10,000. But there was no insurance - this company just makes recommendations for settlement. Their website isn't secure - has a bunch of ads on it that confuse you - and you have to keep putting in all the same information when you try to update the claim. It is not password protected either. The movers were also 5 hours late past their stated delivery time and didn't call to update their time. The movers said my missing stuff was on a second truck. They did not give any estimate for when that truck would arrive. I put in a claim for the late delivery and missing/broken items and was offered a ridiculous sum with no compensation for failing to delivery all my items on time.

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Dr. Arthur Becker-Weidman
(1 of 5 points)
wrote 1 year ago
USA, Buffalo, 1 review

They refuse to discuss my claim. I've filed and filed and it is now 3 months with no resolution. I filed a complaint with the BBB, Florida Dept of Ag, and the Interstate Commerce Commission as well as the attorneys general in NY and FL, among other entities. Best advice I can give you is don't bother filing a claim with them, go directly to small-claims court in your jurisdiction.
The movers, Selective VanLines picked up our items May 21 in NY and did not deliver to FL until July 24 at which time most items were missing and the rest damaged. I presented Selective with photographs, estimates, and the inventory and they forced me to use who never responded to my letters or calls and who have still not "settled" the claim. Since Selective had our items in their secure warehouse and they could not find our items and did not report a break-in, we filed a police report in Totawa NJ accusing them of theft and vandalism. I sent to MovingClaims, all the letters, pictures and related documents, but not resolution. I have filed a complaint with the BBB, Florida Dept of Ag, Attorneys general in NY and FL, and will probably file small claims court in NY and FL.

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Joe Kerr
(1 of 5 points)
wrote 2 years ago
USA, Manchester, 1 review

Who is They are a two person company founded in 2012 generating less than $100k per year and a subsidy of Networld Enterprises, a 4 person company generating about $350k per year. Both companies are located in Miami, Florida. They are controlled by Eran Levy – aka John Miller. A few minutes of online research will show you the type of person and company you are dealing with.

In short - is an outsourced ‘claims resolution’ company and not an insurance company. Do not make the mistake of thinking of as a neutral third party. They completely have the moving company’s interests in mind.

As they are quick to point out they perform their claim services FOR YOU at no cost. That is because they are being paid by the moving company. How much does this service cost moving companies? Most pay under $500 per month for up to 20 claims. For this amount will “negotiate with your customers before and after a settlement to avoid possible lawsuits and consumer agency complaints (BBB, DOT, Attorney General, Consumer Protection agencies, etc.). This is our most important and time-consuming of our services – we help protect your company from legal procedures and consumer agency investigations.”

It sure sounds like have your best interests in mind, right?

Now BEFORE you can file complaints that actually matter (with BBB, AMSA, FMCSA and state agencies) you NEED to go through dealing with You have to show you attempted to file a claim and tried to get a resolution. is hoping to wage a war of attrition with you and that you will eventually give up and accept a feeble, meager settlement.

If you have been told to deal with here is my advice:

1) Document everything. Keep all communications between you and your moving company AND Consider an extension of your moving company.
2) Immediately contact your credit card company if you paid any of your move with a card. Consider placing a dispute or “chargeback” on that charge. Most credit cards give 90 days to do this. will intentionally delay your claim past this point, taking this option off the table. Realize that the moving company may well respond with an empty ‘theft of services’ threat so you should be prepared to have all evidence of damage or negligence committed by them available and ready for your credit card dispute.
3) Be prepared to run in circles as makes the claims process more difficult that it needs to be. One requirement is that all documents need to be submitted front and back in one large file. Not a zip file, but a single continuous document. The good news is there are apps that can do this for you on your phone and compile them into a single PDF for you. Another requirement is that all photos need to have your name and damage description on them. And then those photos also need to be complied into one single continuous large document.
4) Do not make the mistake of thinking you are dealing with a company that has your interests in mind or is playing fair. If you are offered anything from the moving company 'through' is ‘go away’ money. They will ignore any overcharges or ‘surprise’ fees tacked on to your move in addition to damages your property endured. If you are claiming $6,000 in damages expect to be offered $70. This is not an exaggeration or hyperbole.

If you are at the point of being told you have to deal with them, you have already likely lost this battle. But you have to fight it. The war isn’t over.

1) If you are unhappy with (and expect to be) and believe some type of fraud conspiracy exists between and the moving company one option is to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. Go to This is especially important because interstate cases need to be handled by the feds.
2) is based in Florida. You should file a complaint against them with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS).
3) As soon as the process is over file a BBB complaint about and your moving company. Don’t forget Yelp, Google and other review sites too. Make this as public as you can. Cockroaches hate the light.
4) File a complaint with AMSA. If your move was interstate then also file a complaint with FMCSA. If it was local then file a complaint with your state.

Companies like only succeed if they can keep you, the consumer, from having a voice. They will post fake reviews to drown you out and they will rig the game and try to wear you down to the point you do not want to fight any more.

The only way to hurt these scam companies the way they hurt the public is if enough of us are willing to step up and share our experiences in online reviews and involve of all state and federal agency services at our disposal.

Do not give up. Do not give in. It is what they expect from you.

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Bob Zhong
Bob Zhong writes 2 years ago

Is there anyway to bypass and file directly with the broker company and moving company? Why do we need to file through

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(1 of 5 points)
wrote 7 years ago
USA, Parker, 1 review

For months after putting in a claim with John Miller-I have been ignored, sent "form letters"to fake communication with me, sent expensive mail they demanded: ie: photos, 25 pages of info for them, their form letters filled out, etc. I am still being ignored after over 7 months of trying to get "some"payment for 4 lg. missing boxes with my old family photos, personal files, expensive clothes, leather coats, shoes Home deco, vases,& on& on, broken housewares, broken table-& large expensive Chinese vase used as a table..(I paid extra for mover to pack this & it came smashed.) Broken table stand & missing leg!, broken boxes & china & glasses smashed. Broken boxes in the van & my property spilled all over the van floor, & much more. I have reported them to the Federal Gov't agencies..& found out that they are NOT an INSURANCE Co.! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY & BE SURE NOT TO SIGN WITH ANY MOVERS BEFORE YOU FIND OUT WHO THE MOVING CO. USES FOR THE DAMAGES. I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING FOR MY MANY LOSSES. I hope The Feds will take care of this & John Miller.

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Mark Morales
(5 of 5 points)
wrote 9 years ago
USA, Miami, 1 review

My last move was disappointing, to say the least. The movers arrived late for pick up & delivery AND destroyed several porcelain plates that were never even used (even though we specifically marked them fragile). I was furious with the lack of care & customer service. After practically stalking my original consultant to voice my frustrations I was finally forwarded to John at MovingClaims.Net. He walked me through the claim process and it wasn't long before i was reimbursed for my plates & compensated for the inconveniences. I cant say much for my moving company but thank you MovingClaims.Net for righting their wrong. Thanks again John!

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sue miller
sue miller writes 7 years ago

fake review. Moving pays people to submit fake reviews.

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(5 of 5 points)
wrote 9 years ago
USA, Miami Beach, 1 review

My family and I moved from FL to AL this past winter. I didn’t know that the mover I choose would be that clumsy! We received our belongings a week late, without our TV and some other boxes with personal items went missing too. I was so upset! Thank god that moving claims. net was there to help me! John from moving claims. net was on top of things since day one; he helped me file a claim for lost items while he assured me that the moving company is searching for the items. At the end my items were found in GA, in another guy’s home… I got my stuff all thanks to John that was persistent and on top on things.

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